Viewing Habits – Mobile

Viewing Habits – Mobile

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Have you heard about the proliferation of contraband cellphones in prison?  One inmate mused the reason prisoners smuggle phones has more to do with penal institutions price gouging inmates and their families and limiting their time on the phone to short durations than it does prisoners running organized crime rackets from their jail cells.  I wonder if inmates are now overheard complaining they don’t have enough bars in their cell?

It may not surprise you to find out that online media giants like Netflix study the viewing habits of their subscribers.  In a recent Wired Magazine article it was reported that 67 percent of all Netflix viewing now occurs on mobile platforms while viewers are out and about.  Ever been stuck behind someone who is staring at their cell phone while going up or down a flight of stairs?  Yes, that’s right; people are actually watching THE WALKING DEAD while walking around, like, well … the walking dead.

The Wired article cites a 2015 Pew Research study that concluded 77 percent of adults thought it fine for someone to use their cellphone while walking down the street and 75 percent thought it was acceptable for people to use their phones while on public transit.

A Netflix voluntary survey of 37,000 users worldwide determined that 44 percent of respondents caught someone else snooping at their screen, 22 percent were sometimes embarrassed by what they were watching on their phone in public and 11 percent said they had a movie or TV show spoiled because they were in fact peeking at someone else’s screen in public.

Do you know what the analytics are for your church’s live-stream or video on demand?  How many users are viewing on cell phones?  Which platforms?  What resolution?  Does your VOD content delivery network allow users to download the video onto their device so they can continue watching in areas without WIFI or poor cell reception?  Have you altered your video directing habits and camera shot selections as you realize many viewers are moving to smaller screens?  What about how audio is mixed as viewers listen on ear buds or in noisy environments?

Title photo attribution – Franz Jachim