Thunder Soul

Things I Like

This “things I like” is a 2011 movie I happen to stumble upon on Amazon Prime entitled, “Thunder Soul.” Executive Produced by Jamie Foxx, the film offers the true story of a 1970’s Texas High School stage-band music teacher who inspired not only his students but the entire student body and community at large transforming a student jazz band into a legendary funk powerhouse.

For those of us involved in church tech-arts that are inclined to quickly dismiss otherwise attainable standards of excellence just because we do not have the same equipment and musicians professional productions do, Foxx’s film is a potent reminder that “it’s the Indian, not the arrow.” Much can be achieved even with teenage amateurs when encouraged to be and do their best.

Give this movie a try. You may just be encouraging your tech team to watch it too!

The Thunder Soul movie is on Amazon at this link.

There is also an excellent studio & live compilation recording of the actual Kashmere Texas Thunder Soul stage band (the movie is based on) on iTunes.

Here’s the movie’s trailer … for a taste ….

Tom D'Angelo

Tom D'Angelo has worked in television production and AVL corporate theater for nearly four decades. He is Emmy Award nominated (Best Director category, Mid-Atlantic) and has been part of various teams nominated or winning national Emmys.  As the Media Director at a megachurch in the 1980’s he developed a love for the Church and church performing and technical artists.