“Take 1” – What are we about?

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“Take 1” … minute to improve your team

I’m so excited to be kicking off a new series of Controlbooth.tv mini-blogs related to improving your volunteer team and culture! At my church, The Ridge located in Columbus IN I am honored to lead a video tech team of about 30 people (in a church of 1,400).

Our hope is to not only inform what has worked for us, but also to start some conversations. More importantly, our hope is for you to start some conversations with your team. With that in mind we will be speaking primarily in the context of video (Imag) teams, but these principles can also apply to a variety of areas.

Having said that, let’s put 60 seconds on the clock and take on our first topic…

What are we about as a team?

One of the things I’ve found through the building of my video team is this: people want to be part of something important; something big. This principle is true in giving and it’s true in serving. What could be a bigger calling than to take part in introducing people to Christ? That’s a great calling. Come to think of it – it’s actually a great commission. But why do we exist as a video team? Simon Sinek gave a great TED talk on the importance of “why” and it’s absolutely worth a watch/listen. Go ahead, pause the clock. I’ll wait here.

For our team we’ve boiled our why down to one simple word: “engagement”.

As Tom D’Angelo wisely taught me… video isn’t just about seeing better. For us, we want the audience to engage with the singers, musicians, actors and speakers that are telling the story at any given moment. The shots (and movement) we use should always be helping tell the “story” that is being communicated from the stage. Sometimes the story isn’t necessarily the lead vocalist – it could (for a moment) be a background singer with eyes closed and a hand raised. When I teach new camera ops about our “why” I often tell them that we aren’t just making camera shots – security cameras can do that. We are telling stories.

I’ll leave you with this challenge… what’s your “why”? Have you told your team lately? They really need to hear it.

Title photo attribution: ulrich rousseau

Mark Malburg

Mark is a volunteer at The Ridge – (www.theRidge.org). He leads a team of around 30 volunteer camera ops and directors making awesome-as-possible 5-camera Imag while trying to do it as affordably-as-possible.