Jon Swearingen (Multi-viewer)

Ever wished you could be a fly on the wall, listen in and watch a large scale religious broadcast being shot?

Jon Swearingen, the Director of Broadcast Media at Lakewood Church / Joel Osteen Ministries was kind enough to allow a GoPro camera to be put in the control room as well as a recordings of a multi-viewer with PL sound track.

[Note: Multi-viewer audio is split track. Director is louder on right channel. Use right-channel ear buds if having trouble hearing Director & AD]

The recordings took place at a Joel Osteen Ministries Night of Hope stadium event in Washington DC, April 29, 2012. The Producer/Director is Jon Swearingen, the other voice you hear is his Associate Director, Ashlee Hurst.

There was a total of twelve cameras used inside the stadium to capture worship & preaching. In addition to those twelve camera there were three (connected to the same truck) being used on a separate stage for TBN interviews. Lastly one of the twelve “show” cameras also did double-duty for both worship/preaching inside the stadium as well as TBN interviews.

This clip has the program opening video tape roll, transitioning to the National Anthem, then transitioning to the song, Friend of God.

Here is a second multi-viewer, outtakes from the sermon & interaction with the band.

Lastly here is a GoPro video of the control room & staff.

If you are interested there are two phone-interviews with Jon on Part-1 can be found here, and Part-2 here.