Jon Swearingen Interview (PT-2)

Director Interviews (Audio)

Jon Swearingen is the Director of Broadcast Media at Lakewood Church / Joel Osteen Ministries. His program is the most watched religious telecast on television with over ten million viewers per episode.

This telephone interview was recorded in 2012. What follows is part #2 of a two part interview.

We continue in this interview finding out if Jon has formal rehearsals, camera meetings, post-mortems, what the role of his Associate Director is, what his creative influences are, how he get’s the best performance out of his team, his thoughts on working with worship leaders, what new technology Lakewood does not have that interests him, who his program competes against, some words of encouragement and then a sneaky surprise question.

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Tom D'Angelo

Tom D'Angelo has worked in television production and AVL corporate theater for nearly four decades. He is Emmy Award nominated (Best Director category, Mid-Atlantic) and has been part of various teams nominated or winning national Emmys.  As the Media Director at a megachurch in the 1980’s he developed a love for the Church and church performing and technical artists.