First Post

I never thought I would have a personal website or a blog. There are many others who have such sites and do what they do very well. I always feared that if I were to have a blog it wind up being, or appearing self-serving.

There is really no upside to me personally having a blog. I am not interested in selling advertising or promoting any brand of equipment or services. I am not attempting to prove myself as a writer. I am not on a job hunt with hopes that a future employer might be positively influenced by a blog post I wrote.

So why start a bog and do so now?

When I first volunteered to be part of the technical team at a church I had the wonderful experience of serving under someone who gave me opportunities to learn, grow and make mistakes. Later, when I took a staff position at a church as their Media Director I did so based on the foundation the volunteer-leader who came before me. Later, other opportunities came to me as a result of my service at church.

However during that time I served as a Media Director at the church there were very few resources that I could turn to for training or encouragement. There were no websites, blogs, email-lists, seminars, conferences or conventions I could attend focused specifically on church audio-video-lighting technology.

So I want this website to be a resource for those who serve the church utilizing their gifts in tech-arts ministry. To steal Andy Stanley’s phrase,

“I don’t want anything from you. I want something for you.”

I hope that you will enjoy and participate in the content and discussion on this site. Take what you want. Use what you can. Feel free to ignore everything else.  Enjoy.   Leave comments. If you disagree with me don’t be afraid to tell me why. Most of all, share what is helpful to you with others.

God Bless.

– T