DIY Jita-cam?

Do It Yourself

Years ago if you wanted to learn the inside tricks of the trade one way would be to subscribe to cinematography, AV, lighting, sound and videography periodicals and read columns like Dick Reizner‘s “Tips to Clip.” Now we have the internet and much has changed.

Here is a DIY solution worthy of Dick Reizner!

This resourceful DP ( @oltjp on Instagram) apparently wanted to create a turn-table type shot and with ingenuity only Rube Goldberg could match came up with a flying Jita-cam of sorts, where the camera (suspended from above) can travel in concentric circles around it’s subject.

I am not sure how safe this rig is (it sure looks like a paint roller pan and a barbell weight, wood clamped to the box steel), but I definitely give him props for the makings of an amazing creative rig.

Side-note: with such a narrow field of view and without the background being visible in the frame (and lit) a similar shot could have easily be done just with a lazy susan (turn-table under the skull). If on the other hand the DP shot with a wider field of view and lit the background, there aren’t many other ways to accomplish what he is doing with this rig.

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Tom D'Angelo

Tom D'Angelo has worked in television production and AVL corporate theater for nearly four decades. He is Emmy Award nominated (Best Director category, Mid-Atlantic) and has been part of various teams nominated or winning national Emmys.  As the Media Director at a megachurch in the 1980’s he developed a love for the Church and church performing and technical artists.