Art and the Bible

Things I Like: Aside from the Bible, if I could make only one book required reading for those involved in church tech and performing arts it would be Francis A. Schaeffer’s Art and the Bible.

Schaeffer offers “a Christian perspective” on the arts.  Not just arts within the confines of the church but within the whole of life.  Schaeffer addresses architecture, statuary, bas-relief, poetry, painting, music, drama, and dance; occuring in the secular marketplace and within the church. Biblical support for art of many kinds is presented with supportive passages in both the Old and New Testaments.

Schaeffer addresses the questions, “what is the purpose of art?” and “how may art be evaluated?”  Most importantly, Schaeffer makes a compelling case that God is interested in beauty, not just beauty found in His creation, but also in ours.

You can find Art and the Bible on Amazon, and as an audio book on iTunes.