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Things I Like: IPEVO document camera

Your pastor comes to you and says, “for this Sunday it would be really helpful if I had the ability to draw something out during the sermon and everyone could see what I was drawing.” Short of having a NFL style telestrator or figuring out a way to interface a tablet and stylus into your production switcher; how would you accomplish his request, both easily and inexpensively?

You could just offer the pastor a flip chart or a whiteboard. But for congregants seated far from the stage or for members viewing your livestream, short of dedicating one of your production cameras to framing the flip chart that solution only works well for the first few rows.

This is where my IPEVO document camera shines through. I can simply write on a piece of paper while it displays whatever the camera sees on my computer screen. In a large room, my computer screen can get projected on the projection screens. Or in a web meeting (Zoom, Skype, WeEx, etc.) I can simply share my computer screen. Because I can also interface computers into my production switcher, I can use the computer connected to the IPEVO as a production switcher input, then manipulate the signal in any way my switcher allows.

My personal pick is the IPEVO “Point 2 View” if you can find one, however, they have newer models that are much more sturdy/stable.

[Extra Points – try drawing using lots of contrast, like with a black sharpie against white paper; then connect your computer signal into the luminance keyer of your production switcher, selecting a white matte fill for whatever is written in black. Also try setting the key clip so it masks-out the presenter’s hands. You’ve just created a DIY telestrator! How many yards to the sermon’s end-zone?]

Mark Malburg

Mark is a volunteer at The Ridge – (www.theRidge.org). He leads a team of around 30 volunteer camera ops and directors making awesome-as-possible 5-camera Imag while trying to do it as affordably-as-possible.