Air traffic video directors

Cross an air traffic controller, someone who is responsible for the efficient implementation of schedules in an altogether unforgiving and dynamic environment; with a story-teller / visual artist, and you’ve just described a live multi-camera video director. No, I am not suggesting video directors are responsible for the safety of thousands of people and millions […]


Production IP Workflows using NDI

This article will provide insight on advantages and examples of using IP video workflows, based on the NDI protocol. NDI (Network Device Interface) is a protocol which supports very low latency IP video over Ethernet and Wi-Fi network connections. It is also intended to work over gigabit network implementations using ordinary Ethernet switches and routers. […]


4K Church

When I talk to tech-artist friends about 4K video for church productions I usually get one of the following responses: [Me] “So what do you think about 4K?” [Church Tech Friend #1] {No verbal response. Eyes roll upwards and backwards into the head} [Me] “Do you see yourself ever upgrading your system to 4K in […]


Viewing Habits – Mobile

Have you heard about the proliferation of contraband cellphones in prison?  One inmate mused the reason prisoners smuggle phones has more to do with penal institutions price gouging inmates and their families and limiting their time on the phone to short durations than it does prisoners running organized crime rackets from their jail cells.  I […]

Things I Like

Aja DataCalc

Ever need to figure out how many gigabytes of storage your video recording will take at a certain resolution, frame rate or codec?  Ever need to compute how many hours of footage you can fit on a certain drive size? This week’s Things I Like is Aja’s DataCalc, an iOS app, and it can do […]


Lens cleaning

A few years ago a TV show invited me to come by their set and take a look at their video projection system.  The producers complained that the projector looked dingy and they feared they would need to spend $10,000 to $100,000 to solve the problem, replacing the whole projector, or at a minimum the […]

Things I Like

pCAM Film+Digital

Nearly every day I use pCAM, a iOS app developed by Hollywood 1st AC David Eubanks.  I started using pCAM way back in 1998 on the Palm Pilot platform.  Eventually I traded in my flip-phone for an Android but would carry around a iPod Touch around just so I could use pCAM.  I finally upgraded to an iPhone […]