Switchers Systems

Event Multi-camera Production Challenges & Solutions with NDI

Providing multi-camera video production services supporting weekly church services from a recurring location with an integrated AVL system can be challenging. If the AVL system is not permanently installed – as in portable-church applications – the challenges to maintain high production value content and execution increase exponentially. If then the event is a “one-off,” occurring […]

Cameras Directing Systems

Camera Locations

“Location, location, location!” the old real estate adage goes. The three most essential factors in determining the desirability of a property is indeed its location. This tricolon does not solely apply to real estate though.  It equally applies to camera positions in a live church-service production environment. One of the most basic questions a video […]


Production IP Workflows using NDI

This article will provide insight on advantages and examples of using IP video workflows, based on the NDI protocol. NDI (Network Device Interface) is a protocol which supports very low latency IP video over Ethernet and Wi-Fi network connections. It is also intended to work over gigabit network implementations using ordinary Ethernet switches and routers. […]