Directing Strategy

Video Competence

Advice received from tech conferences, magazines, websites, discussion boards and even from fellow technical-artist friends can be wonderful; but have you ever wished you could get your hands on scientific research regarding competencies using video communication technology? I have. Recently a DeGroote School of Business research study regarding the effectiveness of conducting job interviews via video-conferencing was […]

Numinous Strategy

Medium and Message

A while back Phil Cooke wrote an article which appeared on his website entitled, “The Medium is Really the Message.” I have to admit even now many months later I am uncomfortable with the brashness of his title. Upon first reading it I wanted to scream out, “Jesus’ work on the cross is the message, […]


4K Church

When I talk to tech-artist friends about 4K video for church productions I usually get one of the following responses: [Me] “So what do you think about 4K?” [Church Tech Friend #1] {No verbal response. Eyes roll upwards and backwards into the head} [Me] “Do you see yourself ever upgrading your system to 4K in […]


Viewing Habits – Mobile

Have you heard about the proliferation of contraband cellphones in prison?  One inmate mused the reason prisoners smuggle phones has more to do with penal institutions price gouging inmates and their families and limiting their time on the phone to short durations than it does prisoners running organized crime rackets from their jail cells.  I […]