Your Set

Ever wonder why the cameras on network broadcast entertainment specials look so vibrant and seem to match perfectly? It’s not solely because the Shader (a.k.a.: Video Operator, Video Engineer or DIT) has spent days on end shading each camera! Along with starting with great tools (cameras, lenses, color-critical monitors, scopes) and of course the skill of the Shader, network broadcast entertainment specials almost always follow certain unwritten guidelines for great looking multi-camera shoots. Here are some tips the pros use that can be applied to any shoot, including a multi-camera video production at your church:

#1 SCENIC: It may surprise you but the first tip to get great looking camera shots has nothing to do with the camera, the lens or camera shading in-and-of-itself.

Scenic, or the scenery on-stage (what you shoot) is of primary importance!

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