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Medium and Message

Originally posted on: September 13, 2013 A while back Phil Cooke wrote an article which appeared on his website entitled, “The Medium is Really the Message.” I have to admit even now many months later I am uncomfortable with the brashness of his title. Upon first reading it I wanted to scream out, “Jesus’ work […]


Building Arks

Original version posted on: May 5, 2017 Photo attribution: Fr Lawrence Lew, O.P. “Predicting rain doesn’t count. Building arks does.” – Warren Buffett Last week, prior to attending FILO in Chicago I drove from New Jersey to Charlottesville Virginia to attend my son’s graduation (with a Master’s degree) from UVA.  My drive took me directly […]


Foam the Runway

Photo attribution: Drake Goodman Have you ever had a show or a church service “crash and burn” technically? I don’t mean a little hiccup, I mean a major failure! The type that EVERYONE in the audience knows “something’s definitely wrong.” The type that gets you called into someone’s office for a meeting afterward? If you […]