Switchers Systems

Event Multi-camera Production Challenges & Solutions with NDI

Providing multi-camera video production services supporting weekly church services from a recurring location with an integrated AVL system can be challenging. If the AVL system is not permanently installed – as in portable-church applications – the challenges to maintain high production value content and execution increase exponentially. If then the event is a “one-off,” occurring […]

Directing Strategy

Video Competence

Advice received from tech conferences, magazines, websites, discussion boards and even from fellow technical-artist friends can be wonderful; but have you ever wished you could get your hands on scientific research regarding competencies using video communication technology? I have. Recently a DeGroote School of Business research study regarding the effectiveness of conducting job interviews via video-conferencing was […]


You want to serve there …

This meme has been making the rounds on social media.  As you can imagine, it has generated many comments. One person responded, “No thanks, rather be at the bottom one.”  Another commented,  “We started years ago, I think we may have had no more than two dozen parishioners at that service, but today I run […]


Foam the Runway

Have you ever had a show or a church service “crash and burn” technically? I don’t mean a little hiccup, I mean a major failure! The type that EVERYONE in the audience knows “something’s definitely wrong.” The type that gets you called into someone’s office for a meeting afterward? If you asked me what show […]

Numinous Strategy

Medium and Message

A while back Phil Cooke wrote an article which appeared on his website entitled, “The Medium is Really the Message.” I have to admit even now many months later I am uncomfortable with the brashness of his title. Upon first reading it I wanted to scream out, “Jesus’ work on the cross is the message, […]

Cameras Directing Systems

Camera Locations

“Location, location, location!” the old real estate adage goes. The three most essential factors in determining the desirability of a property is indeed its location. This tricolon does not solely apply to real estate though.  It equally applies to camera positions in a live church-service production environment. One of the most basic questions a video […]


Building Arks

“Predicting rain doesn’t count. Building arks does.” – Warren Buffett Last week, prior to attending FILO in Chicago I drove from New Jersey to Charlottesville Virginia to attend my son’s graduation (with a Master’s degree) from UVA.  My drive took me directly past some of the towns in Maryland which were tragically flooded recently. It […]


Director Spotlight: Don Hewitt

Don Hewitt  began his career during the dawn of television, starting in 1948 and working at CBS for an incredible sixty-one years. Shortly after World War II while the new medium of television was just in its infancy, Don and his contemporaries literally invented how this new communications technology could be used.  While at the CBS’s […]


Active Cameras

Stay static, push, pull, pan, dolly, truck, pedestal, crab, track and dolly-zoom. It seems like the options are endless. Add to this list flying the camera on a jib, crane or wire, canted (dutch) angles, shaky cam, soft focus, rack-focus, whip pans and more, we could go on and on. Some of these camera techniques […]